About us

We have extensive experience in project design, development and management of high quality real estate products.


Prime locations portfolio of buildings and land stock, all of them located in Bucharest.


Listed Company with various possibilities to finance the developments.


Ability to facilitate best services for our clients: financing for houses, finishing packages, interior design, administration services, etc.


Experienced management team with strong background in real estate development, with in-house real estate professionals, engineers, project managers, marketing specialists, lawyers and financial experts.


Hagag Group Israel, a public real estate company established in 2003 in Israel, specialized in the development, management and marketing of luxury real estate projects

The Group has an immense track-record, with an experienced team of professionals acting in the field of residential & commercial properties development and management.

Hagag Group Israel develops a wide range of luxury real estate properties, offering variuos financing options as well as maintenance and management services, at high quality standards and competitive market prices.

In the past two years the company was awarded as one of the four leading real estate companies in Israel, and has so far led over 50 successful projects in the metropolitan area of Tel Aviv, with thousands of residential units delivered.


Acting as a management company within Hagag Development Europe, MC Group provides strong input in designing and managing the company’s business model for the Romanian market, being responsible for building awareness, customer experience and trust, while meeting shareholders’ expectations.

MC-Group Romania has a solid track record in design, engineering, project management and general contracting services.

Over the time the company has provided services for some of the most representative developments in Romania, from all real estate fields – residential, office, retail, industrial and logistics, leisure and health.

Nitzan Group was founded in 2013 and is specialized in the development and construction of luxury residential projects in central Tel Aviv.

The company has strong financial backing as well as an experienced, professional team of experts. It carefully considers the locations for its future projects, which are recognized as the best in all of Tel Aviv.

Meticulous architectural design, combined with uncompromising quality construction, ensure the highest quality of life for the company’s clients.

Nitzan Group is a model of reliability, transparency and high quality services, providing professional support both during and after the projects’ construction period.

We Focus. We Deliver.

Acting as an investor, asset manager and developer, we focus on prime real estate residential and commercial projects in Europe.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions, we are here to help.

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